La liste :
Tokaido Crossroads Matsuri Override 2 Super Mech League Deluxe Edition / Maximum Games (distribution en France : Just For Games) -  22 decembre 2020 Robin of locksley
Astrodyssee - Heroi'Cartes le jeu de cartes dont tu es le heros / 404 Editions juillet 2020 gwent master mirror Granblue Fantasy : Versus - Marvelous / Cygames - distribution en France Just For Games
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts - CI Games - distribution en France : Just For Games Disney Classic Games : Aladdin & The Lion King - Disney Interactive / Just For Games Stranted Sails : Explorer of the Cursed Islands - Merge Games / Just For Games>
Baldurs Gate I et II - Enhanced edition - PS4 - Skybound Games / Just For Games Truberbrook - Merge Games / Just For Games
Les animaux fantastiques - jeu saga films - Topi Games
Harry Potter Crayola Scoot
Nickelodeon Kart Racers Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams : Owltimate Edition Reve de Dragon Outcast
Chronopia AD&D AD&D Europa
Chronopia Image Europa contrario
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